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Lisa and the IHHS are helping to shape industry treatments and standards, lobbying the FDA for clinical trials and research, and listening to patients worldwide who suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). A condition affecting 367 million people worldwide, IHHS is helping these people feel like they're not alone and is advocating for all.  — Maria

she has an untiring drive to help people. lisa is constantly trying to bring awareness to this condition which affects many people, who are living in quiet despair. her compassion, along with her energy and commitment, continues to help those living with this (especially adolescents).  — denise

The IHhS (a nonprofit) works tirelessly to help reach those who are suffering in silence from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). They organized the first-ever Hyperhidrosis PFDD in Washington, D.C. and brought the FDA and pharma together to hear from patients firsthand. The IHhS always has the patient interest in mind in all the work they do.

Works endlessly, tirelessly innovatively to educate, colloborate with health care providers, doctors, physicians, scientist, pharmaceutical companies to find solutions and help for people like me and other millions of people who suffer silently and looking for cure to Hyperhidrosis. To me and to many like me she is a God sent individual who cares.  — Yasmin

For collaborating with health care professionals for bringing the change in each individuals life. For educating about Hyperhidrosis. And advocating for every possible treatment to cure hyperhidrosis.  — Yasmin

She has been a change agent, educator, a leader who cares for others. She has been working innovatively and collaboratively to make a difference in peoples lives.  — Yasmin

International Hyperhidrosis Society

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