Dave Head

Patient Leader

“I am a humorous, courageous, honest man who encourages, supports & loves others by being vulnerable & compassionate while sharing my story of hope.” This is my personal mission statement through which guides my actions whether online or in person. I have led a unique life w/many autoimmune diseases. In 03’ I was given an Ileostomy after Ulcerative Colitis caused the removal of my colon. New Years Day 07’, 1 week after proposing to my wife I was dx’d with MS. In 10’ I began to have seizures related to an MS med. Then in 12’ I developed a rare skin disease, Pyoderma Gangrenosum. I began a blog this yr to share my story; https://livingyourlifethroughtime.wordpress.com/


Calgary, 01


Rookie of The Year

Dave is a great guy who has traveled a hard road with his health yet continues to shine through to help, inform and encourage others. His blog is well written, educational and from the heart.  — Em

Dave Head

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