Laura Kolaczkowski

Patient Leader


Beavercreek, OH


Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Blog Patient Leader Hero

Laura has always been a shining star in my book! From the moment our paths crossed, I've continued to look up to her as an example of someone I'd like to emulate & learn from as I continue my journey as a writer & an advocate.  — Mary

Laura is a passionate, caring and phenomenal woman. Her commitment to the MS community is exemplary. Laura's vision and tenacity to advocate for MS patients has created opportunities for many. It is the labor of love from patient leaders such as Laura that creates a seat at the table for those of us who have Multiple Sclerosis.  — Teresa

Laura hits it out of the park every time she writes about multiple sclerosis. Her writing voice and thinking process coalesce into a perfect balance of reason, compassion, perceptiveness, and information-sharing--not to mention a droll sense of humor. Deeply well-informed, Laura is the go-to person when you want to know something about MS.

Laura is very active in all aspects of advocacy. She is dedicated to actualizing the concept of patient-centered medicine. From blogging to tirelessly attending conferences around the country and abroad, to becoming the patient lead for the ACP and regularly reminding us all to register with the iconquer database and many more besides.

Laura Kolaczkowski

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