Tenah Callison

Patient Leader

I have had CRPS since Sept 1996! I joined Facebook and started talking with other who had RSD/CRPS. Luck hit when I was ask if I would be apart of IPAIN.org, I now had tools to help patients get information. I love talking one on one to others, I send packets to people, help parents get the meetings at schools for their child's illnesses. I love Fb, and sharing on my wall, and in groups, the newest treatments available . I'm the Director of the Suicide Prevention in Hope patients will seek help! I created our Mascot Jose' the monkey, he a great ice breaker, pictures of his adventures are on FB! ALWAYS Look for doors to open when others may slam or shut!! #HOPE IS TRUE!


Louisville, KY

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Facebook Patient Leader Hero
Tenah Callison

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