Tenah Callison

Patient Leader

I have had CRPS since Sept 1996! I joined Facebook and started talking with other who had RSD/CRPS. Luck hit when I was ask if I would be apart of IPAIN.org, I now had tools to help patients get information. I love talking one on one to others, I send packets to people, help parents get the meetings at schools for their child's illnesses. I love Fb, and sharing on my wall, and in groups, the newest treatments available . I'm the Director of the Suicide Prevention in Hope patients will seek help! I created our Mascot Jose' the monkey, he a great ice breaker, pictures of his adventures are on FB! ALWAYS Look for doors to open when others may slam or shut!! #HOPE IS TRUE!


Louisville, KY


Best in Show: Facebook Patient Leader Hero

Tenah is an International Pain Foundation Delegate who uses FB as a place for pain conversations & community. Her Facebook posts amplify her patient advocacy as well as the in-person events she participates in. Tenah is a positive voice that has the nerve to be heard when it comes to advocating on her FB page and in FB groups.  — Barby

Tenah goes above and beyond, truly changing lives for the better. As an iPain Delegate she is loyal, hardworking and dedicated to making positive change. She doesn’t try to be a hero, but she certainly is one. She has successfully effected change for pain community members. She has an influence that impacts many to make a difference daily.  — Barby

Tenah Callison
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