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Gina Pera is a wonderful advocate for the ADHD community. She can take complex scientific material and explain it in an easy-to-understand manner. She has worked diligently to provide information and support to an under-served population: spouses and partners of adults with ADHD. Many relationships have been improved by the hope, understanding, and strategies that Gina Pera provides. She exemplifies "Best in Show"!  — Marie

Gina has invested many years tirelessly campaigning for the misunderstood victims of ADHD. In addition to publishing an award winning book on the subject and using whatever media resources available to her (face book, web blogs, etc.) – she has taken the fight to international arenas in as faraway places such as Turkey – where she was recently invited to speak on this issue. The research she has shared with the world has helped countless lives to understand the life changes and difficulties associated with this disorder.  — Charley

I personally know Gina, and her passion and ADHD advocacy has supported lots of adults who needed not only good psychoeducation, but hope and support. Her book may be a good way to understand her personal path and protagonist through the challenge of living and loving someone affected by ADHD. But her daily battle is supporting lots of adults, couples and families! A serious committed and excellent warrior!!! My personal experience treating ADHD in adults allows me to say it with some serious bases. Hope more people like Gina could follow this path. Norma Echavarria. Psychiatrist in Argentina. CHADD international member since 2006 to 2012.  — Norma Cristina


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