Tiffany Early

Patient Leader

I am a 32 year old former teacher (now disabled). I blog to raise awareness of chronic and invisible disorders. I seek to find the humor in the frustrations we face as disabled individuals. The scope of my blog ranges from laughing at the awkwardness of using a wheelchair when you are a seemingly healthy looking woman to calling out the social media merchants who prey on the sick to sell wellness merchandise. Above all, I strive to bring laughter and positivity to the world of chronic illness, because we deserve to smile and laugh in spite of our pain.


Campbellsville, KY


Hilarious Patient Leader


Best in Show: Blog

Despite Tiffany Early's diagnosis of EDS and POTS following her first major episode on her honeymoon, she has marched (and rolled) forward, undaunted, into the world of writing, her original fairy-tale love. Her determination to reach out to other chronically ill people in such eloquent and inspiring ways is motivating and encouraging.  — Amanda

She is witty and brilliant and hilarious and hasn't lost her sense of humor despite the fact that she suffers from chronic illness, and she's a tireless advocate for the rest of us who suffer.  — Autumn

Tiffany Early

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