Danny van Leeuwen

Patient Leader

A two-legged, cisgender, old, white man of privilege living in a food oasis with multiple sclerosis committed to health equity and learning and sharing what works for best health. Serving people who help people by leveraging privilege and experience as a nurse, caregiver, data geek, and leader to open seats at the table of healthcare governance, design, operations, and research for under-represented and under-served communities. Speaker, blogger, podcaster, technical expert, user tester, capacity builder, musician, and Opa. A Rosetta Stone of healthcare.


Arlington, MA


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Podcast Best in Show: Blog


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Danny is an exceptional leader and a generous human who created his podcast to serve others. His podcast is a platform that teaches us and inspires us to take care of our health and enjoy life. He is a creative podcast host who tells beautiful stories of his own and his guests.  — Maria

Danny is an inspiring human being. He shares his wisdom and knowledge, and he is committed to helping us improve our health. He is insightful and kind and understands the challenges those with chronic health conditions face every day. He writes and speaks about the most critical aspects of our health. He is a resource of hope and wisdom.  — Maria

Danny is a leader and a model for us all. He quietly and firmly engages us to move healthcare closer to what it should be for the patients.  — Ileana

Really admire what Danny is doing with his podcast and his blog! So deserving of this recognition. He is an inspiration for all of us!  — Lana

Danny is very complete in his research for his client base. He is an amazing advocate for people on both sides of the mattress when it comes to healthcare. The blogs are detailed, and in true fashion, he has made it easy to meet you where your health needs are: read, listen or watch as it appropriate.  — Karena

Danny van Leeuwen

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