Patient Leader


Health Activist Hero Advocating for Another Lifetime Achievement Award

Charles goes out of his way to help people on a daily basis. Not only is he a gifted healer but he also inspires people to live healthier lives. He encourages and helps people to meet their life goals. I always wanted to be a published writer so Charles went out of his way to ask a friend of his if I could have my own column in their National Newsletter. Charles also donates his time to teaching classes that educate people on ways to improve their lives.  — Melinda

All of his charity work, helping others, his books that heal others, everything he does.  — John

Charles is a visionary who was essential in the organization of a holistic community in the Spokane, WA area. Charles continues to inspire others to being their own journey in holistic health and start similar organization in their communities.  — Jason

Charles has been an inspriation to all, extremely dedicated and professional and is worthy of this award.  — John

Charles is the founder of the Inland Northwest Holistic Chamber of commerce, which brings together practitioners in the region to share knowledge, promote complementary medicine and create a community of dedicated practitioners. Charles also serves a Chief of the local Cherokee Wolf clan of the Pacific Northwest.  — Charles

Charles is a dedicated health professional who cares about the well being of others and always helps when he can. He is a true humanitarian.  — John


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