Matt Pappas

Patient Leader


York, PA


Best in Show: Blog Best in Show: Podcast Best Team Performance Advocating for Another


Best in Show: Podcast

Surviving My Past was started originally as a therapy blog in Feb 2016 but has blossomed into a place where abuse survivors, trauma survivors, and those who live with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD can submit their stories or join Matt on a Podcast, along with Matt's writing to inspire others during his own journey.  — Matthew

Matt's dedication to professionalism, community, and advocacy are among just a few of the reasons I am nominating him. Not only do I love his podcast, I get the privilege of working alongside him daily as we host daily recovery support calls. I can honestly say I would not want to lead those calls with anyone else. Matt is awesome!  — Athena

Matt is a huge advocate for mental health, as well as a survivor and he does whatever he can to help others.  — Davina

Matt Pappas

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