Dr. Taffy Wagner

Patient Leader

Traditional health insurance was unaffordable for my family, I found an alternative which allowed me to take care of my family's health. Shortly after, I became a Healthcare Advocate and studied the Affordable Care Act. I conducted online and offline seminars for two years. I also created courses about health insurance on Udemy. Two years ago, I started my Youtube Channel, Own Your Health Care in an effort to educate consumers on health insurance, health care and alternatives without the politics. Consumers also find out what is happening on local levels from rate increases, insurance companies dropping out and who's participating. This channel speaks in laymen's terms, not legalese.


Denver, CO


Best in Show: Youtube

She is providing information about changes in Health Policy since many years ago. Her purpose is to serve the community and everyday she publish new videos in YouTube with updates. She is important to our communities in several States.  — Milciades

Dr. Taffy Wagner

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