Mary Pettigrew

Patient Leader

I'm an eclectic, creative gal from Texas. I'm a passionate writer, blogger, & a website SEO partner & a lead administrator for My blog consists of poetry, essays, & other musings.: I'm known for regular interaction & collaboration with others in the MS community too. My motto is "pay it forward" I'm thrilled to be included in this mixture of driven, amazing people...many thanks!


Dallas , TX


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Community Best Team Performance Advocating for Another

Mary is an amazing Multiple Sclerosis advocate. She has established a strong online presence through social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. Mary created MS Pals, an online community that connects, supports and replenishes those of us with MS. Mary is passionate and has a contagious personality. Her mission is to serve and inspire.  — Teresa

Mary has a talent for bringing people together, not just in the US but world wide. She is involved in the MS community providing information, connections, and direction on line, on the web, and in person. Mary is an advocate for not just MS but for all with disabilities.  — Carolyn

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Facebook Rookie of The Year Best Team Performance
Mary Pettigrew

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