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Ardra Shephard is the influential Canadian blogger behind the award-winning Tripping On Air – the irreverent insider scoop about her life with Multiple Sclerosis. Ardra is a script consultant for AMI’s television series about dating and disability, There’s Something You Should Know, and has been featured on Sickboy Podcast. Tripping On Air and Ardra herself, are the subject of a new documentary-short to be released in the summer of 2019. Ardra has contributed to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US),, The Mighty,, xojane, Yahoo Lifestyle, and others. She was named one of the Top MS bloggers “in the universe” by, one of the top 25 bloggers by and one of HealthLine’s top MS bloggers of 2019. This year, Ardra traveled to the Cayman Islands where she was the keynote speaker at the MS Foundation’s gala fundraiser, and next year she will travel to Washington as the keynote speaker for the National MS Society’s On The Move gala in May. With an international reach and reputation, Ardra is a leader in the MS community; she is on a mission to change minds about what it means to live with a serious illness, to have disability positively reflected as part of a diverse society, and to empower those with chronic illness to stake their place in the world. In addition to her social media advocacy, Ardra has partnered with award-winning television, film and production company Shaftesbury Films branded entertainment team to develop and star in a scripted digital series whose main character has MS. The show promises to confront society’s narrow definition of what it means to be “normal” with Ardra’s trademark style, humour and sensibility.


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Hilarious Patient Leader

She talks about serious and difficult aspects of an awful disease but always with a humorous point of view. Her posts resonate with me for many reasons, but the LOLs are a major reason I keep coming back.  — Kayla

Ardra's experience and upbeat take on what can be a horrible illness is breathtaking. I look forward to reading about her latest adventures where I know there will be straight talk and a lot of laughs. Her positivity is truly inspiring.  — Sherry

Her humourous approach to a serious subject and her inspirational posts are very professionally written  — Norma

I'll nominate Ardra for this every year until she wins! Ardra shares some of the nitty, gritty details of life with MS. She advocates for things like accessible spaces and gets vulnerable. She's got heart and it shows. But she tends to lead with humor and that's why her voice is one of my favorites. Thanks for always making me smile!  — Kayla

Ardra's blog is amazing! It is realistic, funny, and inspiring. She shares authentically and makes you feel like you're friends with her through her stories, adventures, and struggles.  — Jenna

Ardra always makes me laugh, even about decidedly un-funny topics. Sometimes life with MS can be pretty glum but Tripping on Air helps remind me to always find the funny.  — Kayla

Ardra Shephard

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