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Hi, I'm Rachel and I am 31 years old and have been ill for 10 years with a rare condition called Pure Autonomic Failure where my bladder and bowel have failed to function. Due to this, I have 2 ostomies: an ileostomy and a urostomy and still am a regular inpatient due to recurrent sepsis. My blog is a platform to actively raise ostomy awareness and in particular urostomy awareness (the forgotten stoma). I talk about life with 2 stomas and work closely with stoma companies, Consultants, Nurses and Allied Healthcare professionals. I am passionate about being a voice for people who may have lost theirs to help improve patient care in the UK. I also support old and new ostomates.


Bournemouth, ENG


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Rachel is unbelievably driven and passionate about patient care and urostomy awareness. She is the best support I have seen out there and often forgets to shut off and care for herself. Rachel you are an advocates definition of an inspiration.

I am nominating Rachel for the amazing work she is doing in highlighting awareness for both urostomates and people with prolapsed stomas. Rachel is hard working and spends many tireless hours helping those in need. Her writing is informative and so helpful to those that may not know where to look.  — Louise

Rachel's blog is so informative and has taught me so much. She is a passionate ostomy advocate, especially for urostomates and double baggers. She is friendly, fun and supportive but also driven and very helpful to all.  — Natalie

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