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I'm a Registered Nurse turned full time patient. Advocacy has become my passion. Working in healthcare has truly spoiled me. I have witnessed how amazing medicine can be, but I also see how often the system fails patients repeatedly. As a result, I have been blogging about my condition and health journey with dysautonomia, among others. Also have been moderating a rare disease forum. My healthcare experience has given me a large amount of knowledge that I can share with others. If I can help others with even one step on the journey, then it's a win. I recently was chosen to be a co-leader for a newly formed advocacy team and will also serve as Clinical, Medical Liaison for a Nonprofit.


Mineral Point, WI


Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret Patient Leader Hero

Kim's blog hits home about a professional RN becoming the patient. She advocates for rare diseases after being diagnosed with many herself. She has the ability to blog about her experiences as an RN and as a patient; seeing and being on both sides.  — Lisa

Kimberly writes an informative and heartfelt blog, where we are able to laugh and cry with her. When I read her words, I find myself transported to wherever she is and I also feel less alone in my own health struggles. I have learned the majority of what I understand of my own health through her blog as we have a lot of overlapping conditions.  — Gabrielle

Kimberly at AutonomicRN defines herself by sharing information from experience and the heart. Her honesty, integrity, and care shows through her talent of writing. She is definitely a best kept secret!  — Hetlena

Feeling alone with my diagnoses, I found Kim's Twitter and blog, which allowed me to learn more about my own conditions than my doctors provided. She is active in many chats, communities, and support organizations, bringing the knowledge and care that only a nurse can. I would not be half the advocate I am without her support and encouragement.  — Gabrielle

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