Patient Leader

I'm a Registered Nurse turned full time patient. Advocacy has become my passion. Working in healthcare has truly spoiled me. I have witnessed how amazing medicine can be, but I also see how often the system fails patients repeatedly. It angers me each time. As a result, I have been blogging about my condition, autonomic dysfunction.. My nursing experience has given me a large amount of knowledge that I can share with others. If I can help others through this thing called healthcare, then it's a win. This year I am also part of the PatientsLikeMe Team of Advisors, an 11 member team of patients. I was also picked as an ambassador for the Breakthrough Crew, raising clinical trial awareness.


Mineral Point, WI


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Rookie of The Year

When you find a person willing to share from the depths of their soul and do it with such honesty and heart, you have to let the world know. This blogger is new to blogging, but now new to sharing how difficult it is living with Autonomic Neuropathy. The information is current, brave, and defining on living with a rare disease.  — Hetlena


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