Bob McEachern

Patient Leader

I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago with Follicular Lymphoma, a slow-growing but incurable blood cancer. I started a blog, Lympho Bob, to let family and friends know how I was doing. Soon, I started to do research on advancements in understanding the disease, and as I wrote about them, I attracted more readers. Today, I use Lympho Bob to help other patients understand what is happening in the world of Follicular Lymphoma. I try to make difficult science easier to understand, and talk about it through my own perspective as a patient, so others living with the disease can have more informed conversations with their doctors. My goal is to bring my fellow patients understanding and hope.


Hamden, CT


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Great blog! Both for medical information/studies etc. and for info. on his personal journey with Follicular/ Indolent Lymphoma. Bob is honest, straight forward, and knowledgeable in this topic and provides patients with the information needed to help guide them through this disease. Good luck Bob!  — Lilly

Bob McEachern

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