Michelle Tracy (The Migraine Warrior)

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Michelle L. Tracy is a preschool teacher turned Patient Advocate whose mission is to empathize, educate, and empower the millions of people living with migraine disease. Diagnosed with chronic migraine disease at 19, Michelle began writing as a way to process her pain and give it meaning. She slowly realized that her thoughts and experiences had the potential to help others even as she lay in a dark room, unable to lift her head. She created Adventures of a Migraine Warrior (also known as The Migraine Warrior Blog) and its companion Facebook page where she has created a valuable resource full of personal stories, cutting-edge research, advocacy opportunities, and more. Her mission to empathize, educate, and empower the millions of people living with migraine disease has led her to partner with many organizations in the migraine community and to both write and speak about her life as an advocate and migraine warrior, often with a focus on mental health and stigma. Drawing on her English degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst as well as her extensive personal and professional studies of psychology and mindfulness, Michelle is a blogger, freelance writer, and speaker. She currently sits on the Miles for Migraine Patient Advisory Board, the National Headache Foundation’s Patient Leadership Council, and serves as a Partner/Moderator for The American Migraine Foundation’s Move Against Migraine Facebook group. She also collaborates with The Association of Migraine Disorders, Shades For Migraine, The Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP), The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, and The U.S. Pain Foundation. One of MIchelle's core beliefs is that Caring is Curing. She believes that the path to a cure for migraine disease runs through the migraine and headache disorders community. By humanizing this disease and making it visible, more people will sit up and pay attention. Once people realize that they know someone living with migraine disease, the advocacy work becomes passionate and personal. These are the stories Michelle highlights in her advocacy work. Indeed, it is her story as well.


Amherst, MA


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I am nominating Michelle because she is an awesome Advocate for the Migraine community she is very supportive and stands up for what's right.  — Judith

Michelle Tracy aka The Migraine Warrior has utilized Facebook to advocate, educate, empathize, and empower patients, caregivers, and the general population. She creates her own engaging content as well as sharing and supporting her fellow advocates. Her posts, graphics, and videos are heartfelt, funny, and relatable and her information is reliable.  — Betsy

Michelle Tracy (The Migraine Warrior) works tirelessly as a Patient Advocate, using her own diseases to educate, reduce stigma, & encourage open & honest dialogue about chronic migraine disease & its co-morbid disorders. She's active on social media & in her community, attends conferences & gives lectures, & has partnered with many organizations.  — Betsy

I nominate Michelle because she is truly an amazing Advocate she valuable tools and information regarding Migraine treatments and Orgs that she collaborates with. Michelle shares true experiences and connects and truly supports her community as someone who lives with Migraine. To me she is tops you can't beat first hand information and thhemselves.  — Judith

Michelle Tracy (The Migraine Warrior)

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