Roberta Carson

Patient Leader

Taking care of my teenage son during his 27-month battle with terminal brain cancer was an overwhelming experience that made me realize how difficult it is to navigate the medical world. After my son’s death, I started a non-profit, Zaggo, to help patients and family caregivers be engaged, empowered, effective members of their medical teams. Zaggo’s mission is to help patients get the best care and outcome possible by providing the educational information, tools, and resources they need - even if they don’t realize what they need! Our ZaggoCare System features an easy-to-understand guidebook and organizational tools, all stored in a roomy, durable, lightweight tote bag. Just grab it and go! I also write a weekly blog to provide the information patients and families need to know that nobody has the time to tell them. My weekly posts are easy-to-read, well-researched and full of helpful tips -- and cover a wide range of topics of interest to patients and families, including patient safety, managing healthcare, caregiving, decision making, medication, medical errors, money issues and more. As a charitable organization, 100% of the profits from the sale of ZaggoCare Systems are donated to innovative pediatric brain tumor research in memory of my son Zachary.


Chestnut Hill, MA


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After being a caregiver to my son with a terminal brain tumor, I became committed to helping others be more empowered patients or family caregivers. I started a non-profit and created a product to provide the information and tools needed to be an engaged, effective members of the medical team. All profits go to our brain tumor fund,  — Roberta

Roberta Carson created The ZaggoCare System to help patients and their family members navigate the complicated medical world more quickly and easily. All profits are donated to a cancer research fund.  — Christina

Roberta’s ZaggoCare blog is a valued resource for patients & family caregivers. Her posts offer well-researched insights & practical advice to help patients get the best possible care & outcome. BBK chose her blog as its patient resource for its clinical trial platform. Her content appears in many publications, including The Caregiving Space.

Roberta's blog illuminates issues a patient may have when helping a person in the hospital and provides regular and experienced advice on how to advocate for them in difficult situations. I learn a lot about issues I am completely unfamiliar with and though it's not something I'm currently experiencing, I know that I may need it at some point.  — Jim

Roberta Carson

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