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About Me-The united Advocate Hi there I am Judy the United Advocate from Australia I am 38 and am a Chronic/Invisible Illness,Migraine,Fibromyalgia,‬ ‪Mental Health and Arthritis Advocate aswell as a Writer for Real Life Diaries-Living with Rheumatic Diseases, Blogger, Savvy Pioneer Member and contributor in IPain Living Magazine. ‬I am a loving Aunty,A sister,A colourist,A creative mind,A Photography Enthusiast,A friend,A best friend,A volunteer,A lover of nature, A compassionate,unique and determined individual. ‪I have lived with Anxiety orders for most of my life that being Social Anxiety Disorder,General Anxiety Disorder ,AgoraPhobia ,Panic Disorder.‬ ‪Migraines since the age of 7 and the other conditions Rheumatoid Arthritis,Fibromyalgia,TMJ Disorder,Hypertension,Psoriasis,‬ ‪Polymyalgia Rheumatica,scoliosis and GERD all came from 2010 and on with the exception of Hypertension I'm unsure of when that began.‬ ‪I am a Patient Partner and contributor in IPain Living Magazine with the International Pain Foundation, I am a Vocal Impact Partner with the International Foundation for Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Arthritis. I am a #CureArthritis Crew Member for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, A Savvybassador/Savvy Pionneer coOwner ,A breakthrough Crew Member for Clara Health,I am a #WEGOHealth patient Leader. I was featured as a #FaceOfArthritis for Arthritis NSW, ‪I have a Blog aswell here http://unitedadvocacyaustralia.wordpress.com‬ ‪Each year I like to participate in multiple events from Dazzle4Rare,Invisible Disabilities Week,Invisible Illness Awareness Week,NERVEmber,World Arthritis Day,World Autoimmune Arthritis Day,Fibromyalgia/ME/CFS Awareness Day,Migraine Awareness Months. It's #AwarenessAllYear4us ‬ ‪I love to make Graphics and enjoy Photography as a favourite hobby. ‬ ‪Dolphins are my favourite Marine Animal there's just something so Magical about them and I find them really calming and my sisters dog is really calming to me too. ‬ ‪Technology comes easy to me and have always loved the next new gadget or device to become available. People come to me when they can't figure out an issue yes that's right come to Judy and she will try and sought it for you. ‬ ‪I have my own United Advocacy page where at anytime am happy to share people's illness related blogs or graphics in the hopes of helping a wider community because I believe together we can all make a difference and sharing is caring of course. ‬ ‪I just want to support everyone no matter what illness they live with because I believe we can #makeadifference. I don't want anyone to ever feel alone.‬ ‪You can find my page here http://facebook.com/unitedadvocacy‬ ‪I am also on Pinterest at‬ https://www.pinterest.com.au/UnitedAdvocacy/ ‪Twitter at http://twitter.com/unitedadvocacy‬ ‪LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/.../judith-flanagan... ‬ ‪Tumblr at http://unitedadvocacyaustralia.tumblr.com and‬ ‪Instagram at http://Instagram.com/unitedadvocacyaustralia‬ ‪ To see the Amazon Description of what's covered in the book Real Life Diaries project I was involved in please go go here: http://amzn.to/2gj2ETV‬


Tura Beach Australia, 02


Best in Show: Facebook Best In Show: Instagram Patient Leader Hero

Over the past few years, Judith Flanagan has used Facebook as a way to start conversations, and build community. She utilizes Facebook to amplify patient advocacy on a regular basis and has balanced the ever-changing Facebook interface and turned it into an opportunity to reach more people. She is also a great iPain Delegate!  — Barby

Judith is a great pain advocate and a part of NERVEmber as well as a contributor to IPain Living Magazine.  — Brainless

Judith is an awesome patient leader. She shares her story online, participates in many awareness campaigns, and has contributed articles in books and magazines. She has had the dedication to share and help for years with International Pain Foundation and many other NPOs. She embodies the spirit of a patient leader in every way!  — Barby

Judy-The United Advocate

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