Andrew Belliveau

Patient Leader

I started the Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge in hopes of spreading awareness & finding a cure for Gastroparesis, from which I suffer. Gastroparesis is a condition that causes your stomach to become paralyzed meaning you cannot eat, digest or absorb any neutrients. I was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and thought maybe I can do the same for Gastroparesis! There have been hundreds of participants in my challenge including several Major League Baseball players from the Boston Red Sox & Chicago Cubs. So far over $4,000 has been raised for G-PACT as a result of the challenge. For more information please visit


Lynn, MA


Rookie of The Year

Mr. Belliveau's efforts to bring awareness to gastroparesis and raise funds for our community should be commended. This young man started the #GPPieFaceChallenge which has resonated with patients and attracted the attention of media and celebrities. He works diligently to call attention to our illness and his efforts are most appreciated!  — Melissa

Andrew Belliveau

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