monARC Bionetworks, inc.

Patient Leader

Our mission is to empower patients by making it simple for patients to directly share their health data with researchers. Fundamentally we believe that patient participation is the key to accelerating the search for new treatments. Our Digital Research Platform modernizes the clinical trial model by engaging patients early and continuously. We activate Patient Research Networks equipped with monARC’s Smart Health Record that passively consolidates clinical and digital health data in a HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. The resulting robust longitudinal data combined with our connected trial platform can allow patients to pre-qualify and participate in trials anytime, anywhere.


Palo Alto, CA


Healthcare Collaborator: Company

I am nominating monARC Bionetworks as the Healthcare Collaborator: Company of 2017. monARC is including Patient Leaders in the design and implementation of the next gen IPF clinical trial. monARC Bionetworks is partnering with their Patient Advisory Board of IPF patients and caregivers in all aspects of study/trial design and implementation.  — John

monARC Bionetworks, inc.

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