Dr. Noah Greenspan's Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness

Patient Leader


New York, NY


Patient Leader Hero Best Team Performance Healthcare Collaborator: Company

Pulmonary Wellness Center has help me rebuild my health. It has transform me from a someone in wheelchair and oxygen to an independent strong person. Noah and team treats you like family, lift your spirit up , make you exercise and build confidence by strengthening your mind and body. PWRC has helped many respiratory patients online and onsite.  — Prasha

Noah and his team Rena and Carolyn are absolutely amazing he has over 8,000 followers has written a pulmonary Wellness book operates a pulmonary Wellness Rehabilitation Center does informative online webinars attend support groups online. I have never seen anyone Advocate as much for pulmonary Rehabilitation and self-care as Noah does we love him  — Cheryl

Nobody!! And I mean nobody has done more for the online community for pulmonary wellness. Noah educates and empowers you to become your own biggest advocate. Noah has over 8000 and growing followers. His honest well rounded no nonsence approach to pulmonary rehabilitation has given each one of us a better quality of life with a chronic disease  — Cheryl

Dr. Noah Greenspan's Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness

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