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Tonbridge, AL


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Louise, along with a group of others, started The IBD & Ostomy Support Show on YouTube earlier this year. This has been a great source of information and support, and the ladies have opened it up to guests to give a perspective on the topic each week.  — Richard

Louise spends hours replying and responding to people that need a friendly, non judgemental shoulder. She offers advice from her own experiences and points people in others directions if needed.  — Stephanie

Always raising awareness of an invisible illness and offering support to others online.  — Sophie

I take part in the show from time to time and for me personally it's the best thing Louise has brought to my life and others that do the show. So many people like me are benefiting from it, from the comfort of their own home. Talking about important issues that comes along with illness. Louise has done amazing and has supported me so much.


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