Lilly Stairs

Patient Leader


San Francisco, CA


Best in Show: Podcast Patient Leader Hero


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Living as a patient and working within the healthcare industry makes Lilly a perfect candidate for this award. She sees both sides so very well and is instrumental in bringing both sides together in order to make an impact.  — Ross

Lilly reached out to me about her ambassador program Breakthrough Crew at the beginning of this year and I was honored to participate. Since then, she has allowed me to participate in her Patients Have Power Podcast and I've learned so much about advocacy, and literally having power as a patient, from her! She deserves this award 100%.

Not only is Lilly a Crohn's and Psoriatic patient but also an amazing advocate. She doesn't just advocate for her illnesses she advocates for many. Her amazing work as head of patient advocacy for a company, she has dedicated her life to helping patients and changing the landscape of patient care among many disease states. She's pretty amazing.  — Aaron

Lilly Stairs

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