Susan Kiser Scarff

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Caring for my husband led me to seek as well as impart support .... ultimately my sister and I put our pens to paper. I realized how many people were trying to figuring out the adjusted role of caregiver alone. We were hoping that a public Facebook pages and our book, Dementia: The Journey Ahead, would offer that helping hand. As a dementia caregiver I never felt so alone in my life and we do not want others to feel the same....alienated. Our primary goals are to offer help, support, advice, guidance, and humor. Currently 3 of us are admins on my page/forum. We do not have medical backgrounds. We earned our diplomas as dementia caregivers by misfortune, experience, and research.


Phoenix, AZ


Advocating For Another

I work in dementia care but had not had family experience of a relative with dementia until 3 years ago. I found this ladies personal experience of caring for her much loved husband 'Red' was very helpful and inspiring. She gives a very personal slant on coping with this debilitating disease and is always there when a care giver is struggling  — Anne

Susan Kiser Scarff

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