Jen Vargas

Patient Leader

I lost my mom to Stage IV breast cancer on March 28th, 2019. She fought a hard, heartbreaking battle. When referring to someone with cancer, I would encourage you to NOT use the phrase "lost their battle with..." When those with cancer pass away, they do not lose. Saying "lost the battle with...' disrespects the battles they fought while they were still with us. I like to say my mom earned a Warrior's Rest because that's exactly what she was - a WARRIOR. My mom never wanted to be defined by her cancer or what she was going through. She simply wanted to be known as "Pam," and remembered for trying to make people of all ages smile. She did her very best to make this world a better place for everyone. As my mom's daughter and Caregiver, I will do my very best to take her battle against cancer on and continue to be a good person. Please honor my mom by doing something to help paying special attention to those with lymphedema, Stage IV cancers, Seniors/Elders. PLEASE also do something to help Caregivers like me help our loved ones. I worked more than full time for almost a decade with no way of earning an income of my own while caring for my mom who had no one else to care for her. I wouldn't do anything differently but having some help would've made things at least a little less stressful.


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Jen Vargas

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