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I'm a public school assistant principal at an urban PreK-8 school. I've also lived through two bouts of major depression, one that caused me to leave my job for five weeks. I have a blog in which I have my own posts and some guest posts all related to depression, other mental illnesses, and suicide awareness & prevention. I also have a podcast in which I interview men who have struggled with depression or other mental illnesses. The goals of the show are to educate those who know little about depression (and other mental illnesses), to provide hope to those who may be suffering, and to chip away at the stigma. My blog and podcast can both be found at I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wife and four children.


Minneapolis, MN


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Al is doing great things with his podcast, interviewing men who are coping. Breaking stigma and normalizing the mental illness conversation.  — Jp

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Al Levin
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