Patient Leader

Robert first introduced POZ I AM Radio to the world in 2008. He has hosted and produced over 300 live broadcasts over the show's previous four year run. He has interviewed many inspiring individuals living with HIV. Including an Olympic Gold Medalist, Actors, Politicians, Doctors, Authors, Activists, Reality TV stars. After a 3-year hiatus from social media, Robert realized that conversations about HIV are still needed. His goal has always been to connect positive people with one another by offering them a safe space to share openly about living positive. POZ I AM Radio does just that.


Best in Show: Podcast Best Kept Secret

Robert hosts 1 of my favorite podcasts - POZ I AM w Aaron Laxton. They tell their stories as well has have on other exciting guests to tell their stories and share life, hope, & awareness. Robert always has me feeling inspired & gets my wheels turning each week. POZ I AM Radio is a live-to-air podcast sharing positive stories of those living w HIV.  — Barby


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