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Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Podcast

Robert hosts 1 of my favorite podcasts - POZ I AM w Aaron Laxton. They tell their stories as well has have on other exciting guests to tell their stories and share life, hope, & awareness. Robert always has me feeling inspired & gets my wheels turning each week. POZ I AM Radio is a live-to-air podcast sharing positive stories of those living w HIV.  — Barby

Robert's podcast on POZ I AM Radio is a shinning example of his amazing advocacy and a dose of hope! He should be celebrated with great recognition!  — Barby

Robert and Brady are creating one of the best podcasts out there for the chronic illness community! Not just the HIV/AIDs community, but many of us facing different battles with our health. I love their ability to see us all equal. They've made me feel welcome and loved in the health advocate community since the moment I met them.  — Eileen


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