Sophie Ainsworth

Patient Leader

After being diagnosed with lupus in 2014, many things became a struggle. One unexpected struggle was getting the support I required from my school. I was often misunderstood and treated as lazy simply because my illness was 'invisible'. After finishing school, I decided to set up RAiISE, a non-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness of invisible illnesses in schools and education. With the help of young patients with a variety of invisible illnesses, their parents and teachers, we are producing an information and resource pack to be used in schools to help them better understand the struggles of young people with invisible illnesses and how they can best support their students.


Clitheroe, AL


Best Kept Secret

Sophie is an extraordinary young woman. Not only does she cope remarkably with chronic ill health and the ‘normal’ activities of a young person, but she aspires to make the world a brighter place for the millions of young people living with invisible illnesses through RAiISE, her own organization that she has established.  — Simon

Sophie Ainsworth

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