Simon Stones

Patient Leader

I'm Simon - a 23 year old living with arthritis, Crohn's disease and fibromyalgia. My own experiences have inspired me to advocate for other young people with similar experiences. Several years ago, I became involved in research to help professionals shape research and clinical care for the better. My work is now international, where I sit on several committees around the world, committed to bridging the gap between patients, their families, health professionals and industry. These experiences have also inspired me to begin a PhD, where my thesis is focused on improving the way that young people with chronic conditions manage their health.


Leeds, WA


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Twitter

Simon is taking his own personal life's challenges and turning them around to be used for good and for the advancement and support of others.  — Louise

Simon is passionate about healthcare and helping patients. His Twitter account gives insight to his voluntary work and PhD into self management for chronically ill children, as well as opens interesting discussions about current events in health and research. He also connects hundreds of people and groups internationally through his online network.  — Sophie

Simon Stones

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