CHECK 15: The Monthly Cancer Awareness Day

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At 5 years old, Kyle R. Smith lost his grandpa to kidney cancer. He didn’t know what cancer was then, nor could he foresee the impact it would have on his life. 19 years later, Kyle’s father would be diagnosed with prostate cancer & in another 3 years the same doctor who performed his dad’s lifesaving surgery would also remove Kyle’s cancerous right testicle. While Kyle may have lost his ability to become a professional juggler (it’s not very impressive to juggle with only one ball) what he gained is a new mission in life. Utilizing his directing degree from Columbia College Chicago & 11 years of art department experience in Los Angeles, Kyle founded CHECK 15: The Monthly Cancer Awareness Day. As of June 2019, he’s achieved 67 straight months of new cancer awareness PSAs – fighting cancer through early detection & lowering risk – all delivered with a healthy dose of humor. “CHECK 15 is the School House Rock of cancer awareness!” CHECK 15 aims to inform while entertaining - providing comedy sketches & pop-culture parodies in attempts to capture the zeitgeist of the Internet Age & use social media to change the way we approach cancer awareness & health education.


Los Angeles, CA


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Youtube

He has consistently produced and posted videos on YouTube to address Testicular Cancer.  — Daniel G

Past Awards Participation

2018 WEGO Health Awards


Healthcare Collaborator: Company


Best in Show: Youtube

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Hilarious Patient Leader
CHECK 15: The Monthly Cancer Awareness Day

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