Patient Leader

I try not to focus solely on my disability, because I don't think that it's the most important aspect of my life. Rather, I focus on the things I do to keep myself healthy despite my cystic fibrosis: my airway clearance therapy (cardio), pulmonary rehab (working out with weights), diet (to treat my pancreatic insufficiency and cf related diabetes), and coping mechanisms for my cf related depression and anxiety (mostly yoga and meditation). I do occasionally share milestones in my health, test results, or changes in treatment. I think it's important to share openly in order to end the stigma around disability, and the stigma around mental health. I hope my account inspires others who have cf.


Warrington , PA


Best Kept Secret

Colleen promotes and advocates for a lifestyle that helps everyone. She is breaking typical patient silos for the good of everyone.  — Alan


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