Marc C. E. Wagner

Patient Leader

I am a long term survivor of AIDS and realize the great need to find a cure. I have been working towards this goal first through the publication of my hypothesis "The therapeutic potential of adenosine triphosphate as an immune modulator in the treatment of HIV/AIDS: a combination approach with HAART." in the journal Current HIV Research. I have started a non-profit organization entitled "AIDS Cure Research Collaborative" to help bring this to fruition. It is my belief that all strategies should be supported until we reach the cure. Each of us can play a part in making this dream a reality.


Pittsburgh, PA


Best Kept Secret

I would also nominate Marc for best leader award, there are many reasons to nominate him for best kept secret as he knows the secret for his determination and enthusiasm. He is a great team leader too.  — Venkat

Marc C. E. Wagner

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