Ashley D Loomis

Patient Leader

Ashley is always providing up to date information regarding Crohn's Disease and IBD and always keeping a positive attitude all while battling an awful illness. She's always someone I can count on for questions that I may have. She's an inspiration to us all.  — Tiffany

Her dedication to helping others with the disease has been tireless. The information she shares has been helpful and inspirational. She is a champion for IBD.  — Mark

She has gotten me and hundreds of other who suffer with these disease a forum to discuss and share stories and learn from other by example the best way to deal with the ramifications of this disease on our lives, family's and the world around us who is oblivious because it's a invisible disease for the most part.  — Marvin

I have known Ashley since about 2008 and am so grateful to call her a friend. She tirelessly advocates for others struggling with our diseases of the bowel while struggling with her own . She is always willing to offer words of encouragement or advice anytime to anyone. She has a kind and gentle soul and is loved by many.  — Glen

Ashley Loomis has been helping others tirelessly over 9 years on facebook with information sharing info lifting others up even when she is also very ill. Runs 3 support groups of her own.Its time that she was recognized as a patient advocate.She selflessly advocates for many of those who are newly diagnosed + others that are long term sufferer's  — Ashley

Although she suffers greatly herself she always has encouraging words and funny stories for her members. She has something to say or an emoji in response to every post on her site. She posts many related articles which must take time for her to research.  — Nori

Ashley D Loomis

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