Patient Leader

I'm a lot of things- a teacher, a programmer, a mum, an Ehlers Danlos "sufferer", a wheelchair user, a moderately deaf person, a ranty angry woman (not always!). But what I am is more mentally healthy having discovered the joys of blogging I've been blogging since long before my official diagnosis about health, family, & life in general. My blog has created a window for me to the world through either posts that let me release my frustrations into the ether, or those where I've been able to write and help other people going through a diagnosis of a rare condition. Sometimes they're hard going, often they're a tongue in cheek look at what life is really like as I quite literally fall apart!


Hilarious Health Activist Best Kept Secret

Her blog is honest, funny and always sassy. I enjoy reading her blog posts as she helps me feel I am not alone. She encouraged me when I was looking into buying a new wheelchair and power trike attachment.  — Rachel


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