Bridget Parker

Patient Leader


Best in Show: Instagram Best in Show: Community

Bridget is amazing! She is the kindest, most caring person I know. She works so hard on her all support groups & jewlery every single day to bring awareness despite how much pain she is constantly in, & you'll never hear her complain. She wants to help everyone who is chronically ill not feel alone their struggle. She is my hero & my best friend.  — Tara

For the wonderful work she does promoting awareness for chronically ill people around the world.  — Lisa

I am nominating Bridget for best in show community because she generally cares about everyone. She wants to spread love and positivity. She makes beautifully created jewellery pieces for multiple chronic illness,she fights her own health battles and can touch people's hearts including mine. I think that's great because we need more love like this.  — Judith

Bridget Parker

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