RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me

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Christa has done so much with her short 28 years of life. As founder of she and her staff work endlessly in order to make sure no one who contacts them feels alone. She works endlessly in order to create awareness, education, and works toward legislation to make others aware and that all may have the kind of care they deserve.  — Suzanne

Christa has done so much with her short 28 years of life. Advocate, friend, and confidant are some of the thousands of words to describe this amazing woman. She goes out of her way in order to raise up the community and put them first. She does it all with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Even though she is always in pain. She is lovely  — Suzanne

This is a group of crps pain suffers who take the time out of their days to help others who struggle with this awful, dibilitating disease by offering endless support and is an open sea of resources.  — Jennifer

I feel at home on this website. My messages with my questions are always answered. They host chat nights every Saturday without fail. They are going through the same things I am and they still take the time to care about me and what is happening in my world.  — Christa

The always have facts and are willing to help anyone who needs more info.  — Elizabeth

For there constant information and follows to talk to one another on there in going conditions thank you to the website.  — stephen

They are amazing and it has helped probably save many lives and bring many people to smile a bit and learn and help each other...I'm greatfull everyday for having found them and all our community so we have people to just talk to and talk about what our doctors will not or more importantly, not do to help so many many of us! Thank you  — heather

Christa Whightsel founded this Facebook group page in 2009 . She does things on a daily basis to help people with RSD/CRPS. She is even merging with RSDSA to help raise money to help people pay for some of their care . She always starts and follows thru on new ventures. If it's not to raise money for this horribly painful disease. Then it's to listen to one of us who along with herself, are in pain! She is always looking for new ways to gain support and awareness for RSD/CRPS as well  — Suzanne

RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me

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