A Chronic Voice

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A Chronic Voice aims to articulate what it's like to live with chronic illnesses from various perspectives.


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Sheryl was one of the first chronic illness writers I found online in Asia. She is active across many platforms and does a great job of educating her readers about her own illnesses. She also offers a strong support network for other patients with chronic illnesses by creating opportunities for us to share our stories on her site. Sheryl is a hero!  — name

Her blog & social media are consistently active with great articles, support, spreading awareness, and active interaction with others on social media. The nature of the blog and her articles in particular exude a positive perspective that's both inviting, comforting, relieving, and inspiring - all incredibly difficult things to sustain as she does!  — Patrick

AChronicVoice is always on top of her tweets and provides very insightful, informative, inspirational and relatable content!  — Effie

Provides so many great resources and articles for a wide range of chronic health conditions.  — Tammy

Sheryl is one of the most selfless people I know. She runs an incredibly encouraging website even while dealing with her own illness. She is truly a chronic illness warrior because she advocates for others by offering them a place to share their stories and to be a part of the amazing, encouraging, and interactive community she created.  — Jenna

Sheryl's A Chronic Voice is not only an amazing blog, she is an active patient advocate who truly supports other patients through sharing. their work as well. Sheryl gets the conversation started on twitter to spread awareness of what it is like to live as a patient. She is an amazing patient advocate and blogger.  — kelly

I am nominating A Chronic Voice for best twitter because of the quality of content consistently put out by her and her ability to articulating chronic illness from various perspectives.  — Eileen

A Chronic Voice is of the most empowering organizations uplifting several chronic conditions and advocates. They help advocates showcase their talents and gifts which too, helps raise awareness for the cause! They deserve this award very much.  — Tiffany

Sheryl's blog is an excellent read. As well as her own posts, she gives blog link ups for other chronic illness bloggers. She goes out of her way to help promote other chronic illness bloggers  — ELIZABETH

A Chronic Voice

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