Rachel (Epilepsypositivity)

Patient Leader

After struggling with my epilepsy for years I decided that more awareness and support was needed. In June 2015 I set up an 'Epilepsy Postivity' Instagram and Twitter accounts. The Instagram is now the largest account on there for epilepsy with over 16,000 followers. I have connected with so many incredible people through it and I get touching messages everyday from people saying how my accounts (especially the Instagram) and the online community that I have created keeps them going and feel less alone by allowing them to ask others for advice and share their experiences. It has also encouraged people to come forward and seek the support that they deserve.


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epilepsypositivity is by far one of the best accounts on raising awareness for epilepsy. This account has helped so many people and is just all around amazing  — Ojessi

I've had temporal lobe epilepsy for 13 months now. My seizures strayed all.of a sudden when I was 31 years old. I found this twitter account and she has posted helpful topics on epilepsy that are reassuring and informative.  — steph

Rachel (Epilepsypositivity)

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