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epilepsypositivity is by far one of the best accounts on raising awareness for epilepsy. This account has helped so many people and is just all around amazing  — Ojessi

I've had temporal lobe epilepsy for 13 months now. My seizures strayed all.of a sudden when I was 31 years old. I found this twitter account and she has posted helpful topics on epilepsy that are reassuring and informative.  — steph

After my daughter's diagnosis last year this account has been a huge help for understanding epilepsy and connecting with others. The coordinator is helpful and has shared my questions on the Instagram page where I have received over 100 responses. I have also met other Mums in similar situations thanks to this community - it has been a lifeline!

Epilepsy Positivity is a wonderful organization that strives to help others have a better understanding of what epilepsy is and offer love and support along the way. They are an inspiration and motivation to all.  — Tiffany

Epilepsy Positivity

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