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The Action For Adrenal Awareness team knows what it means to live with Adrenal Insufficiency.. This rare, invisible and sometimes fatal disease has killed and disabled too many and they wanted to help in a much bigger way than they already were! Each, already active in this disease in their own right, combined forces to educate, support and address all aspects of this disease with YouTube videos, a very active Facebook page and personal interaction with their viewers. They combine knowledge that comes from living with this disease, assist with the emotional impact of having a chronic, rare disease and keep their viewers up to date with research.


Albany, GA


Best Team Performance Best in Show: Youtube

These ladies deal with Addison's Disease on a daily basis. With their YouTubes and Facebook page that give the details that make a difference to reaching out and giving hope to many who feel alone and scared, this team has reached many Addison's patients, caregivers, and people who want to know more about this rare and sometimes fatal disease.  — Mark

This team of amazing ladies spend time and energy educating a wide audience on the illness and deserve recognition for this work. They help everyone from the newly diagnosed, to those who have been living with the illness for years. They cover many topics. As a team, they utilize YouTube as a channel to reach thousands of people globally.  — Wendy

This amazing team of ladies dedicate time and energy to create videos regularly using YouTube as a channel to educate people globally on this illness. Working as a team and covering an extensive range of topics, they deserve recognition for their time and for touching so many lives.  — Wendy

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Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Community or Forum
Action For Adrenal Awareness
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