Kendra Neilsen Myles

Patient Leader

Kendra holds a BS in Public Health from the University of Maryland. She has extensive knowledge on the complexities of living with chronic medical conditions & lifestyle management strategies from working in pharmaceutical & medical sales, through the development and implementation of various health education programs, through medical writing & publishing. Kendra has been active in the EDS community for over ten years. It was through Kendra’s life, and professional experiences, that she founded EDS Wellness, including Wellapalooza Integrative Wellness Conferences (& retreats!), Moving Naturally w/ Hypermobility Seminars, “Just 5 Minutes,” "Invisible Strength," & the EDS Ride for a Cause.


Bethesda, MD


Healthcare Collaborator: Company Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Lifetime Achievement Best Kept Secret

Her passion for EDS awareness is second to none. She has extensive knowledge on this dibilitative disease and through her education and living with this condition herself, she deserves every bit of thus nomination.  — Donovan

Kendra Neilsen Myles

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