Siddharth Sharma

Patient Leader

I am 28 yr old engineer who suddenly got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (hypothyroid too) on 21 October 2015. The day of diagnosis way the best day as not knowing what is wrong with you can be very demoralising. Born in india and now living in England i have seen and felt the ignorance about type 1 diabetes and a battle that i fight every day. Being an athlete all my life I am passionate about getting diabetics involved in sports to help them manage their blood sugars and gain back self confidence. As a data engineer I love to experiment and study trends and analysis to help others understand how their body is behaving to their medication and exercise. Aim - to motivate and inspire others


Rookie of the Year

Sid was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on Oct 21st 2015. Being diagnosed with any health condition can never be taken lightly and is incredibly scary, but he choose to fight it head on. Sid was not a cyclist and didn't own a bike. On day 3 of his diagnosis he signed up to cycle London to Paris, despite his condition and is an inspiration to others!  — Sara

Sid was diagnosed with Type Diabetes a year ago which had a big toll on his health and mental confidence. He's shown great courage by running a charity bike ride from London to Paris - Sep16. He has raised awareness through social media and even organised help sessions at the workplace. His dedication, energy and enthusiasm deserve commendation  — Adnan

Siddharth Sharma

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