Autoimmune Encephalitis Warrior Advocates

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The 3 co-founders of Non-profit International Autoimmune Encephalitis Society est 2016 are attributed with saving countless lives. Their work is known as ‘Gold Standard’ in the AE community. Anji founded the 1st Facebook support group for Autoimmune Encephalitis in 2003. Gene, whose wife has the rare brain disease, joined her shortly afterward. Tabitha, was struck down with AE in 2013 & is in recovery. IAES provides education, 1 on 1 advocacy, crisis mgmt I.e. preventing psychiatric commitment, expedites medical appts for diagnosis & treatment, access to discounted stays & free medical travel, Counseling: Overturning treatment denials, medical over billing & financial assistance


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The facebook group on Autoimmune Encephalitis began in 2003 by Anji and now has over 600 members around the globe. As administrators, these individuals focus on empowering members through education, advocacy and support. They help members find knowlegable doctors, fight insurance denials and assist in direct crisis management day and night.  — Kelly

We all educate, support, connect members with competent care in the treatment of Autoimmune Encephalitis. As well we assist in proper insurance issues.  — Tabitha

Autoimmune Encephalitis Warrior Advocates

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