Rachel Pegler

Patient Leader

The truth is I never intended to be here, I've rather landed up in this world with a bump. After caring for Molly who had been very poorly for 14 years She was finally diagnosed. I was in a way relieved as i thought this would now be her chance to live a normal healthy life. How wrong i was, Molly had been walking around with a life threatening condition for 14 years. She has a pituitary disorder, the life threatening part being adrenal insufficiency. The world i have come to inhabit is one of non diagnosis, poor awareness, medication which has not changed in 50 years and very little research & understanding. People are unnecessarily dying from this from this its 2016 I have to change that.


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Since 2013 Rachel has campaigned tirelessly for the awareness to be raised for all off those with adrenal insufficiency. She spends a lot of time answering emails and making people feel better who live with Ai. Her posters reach 26,000 ,people a week and the awareness day she created currently has worldwide recognition & is growing each year  — Rachel

Rachel Pegler

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