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Since being diagnosed with Gastroparesis caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia, I have gone into Gastrointestinal Failure and now rely on a surgical feeding and drainage tube, and a central line going to my heart to deliver Total Parenteral Nutrition and fluids daily. So this is my life. It is different, it is scary, but I am here. I felt so alone until I met some amazing people online who are going through the same thing as me! I realised that nobody around me had heard of my condition, so I spoke up to educate. Even some doctors were clueless. Here I am, advocating for myself and others, sharing the ups and downs, and showing that you can still LIVE despite being cureless


Health Activist Hero Best In Show: Instagram


Best in Show: Instagram

Renee is an inspiring and motivating person, and is always shows a positive aspect though the good and bad times.  — Taylah

Renee is an inspiring and motivating person! Who shows the positive of the good and bad times.  — Taylah

Life Takes Guts - @reneesfight

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