Hannah Lyson

Patient Leader

Just another young person with cancer... Although I blog about it. I make sure I don't sugarcoat my experiences with cancer and try and raise as much awareness as possible for cancer in young adults, specifically Bowel Cancer. I have Advanced Bowel Cancer that's spread to my liver and a Colostomy on my left side, but I'm determined not to let it get me down. I sell wristbands, with all profit going to Teenage Cancer Trust to help provide for young adults and their families in my situation and also gain more attention for my blog. I hope to educate people who have never experienced cancer before as well as it being useful to other people in the same situation as me.


Best in Show: Blog

Hannah is 19 years old and has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and instead of sitting feeling sorry for herself, she has created a blog and a Facebook page and gives regular upbeat updates . She is also raising funds for the teenage cancer trust. She is a truly inspirational young lady . Hannah has appeared in national newspapers and radio.  — Susie

Hannah Lyson

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