Alicia C. Staley

Patient Leader

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion which is often fueled by love…and even by hate. It was the hate for the cancer that was destroying her body that initially drove Alicia’s passionate fight to survive. Beating cancer once is a victory one can celebrate and then look forward to getting on with “life as usual”. But beating three different types of cancer on three different occasions is a miracle and a gift that gives a survivor like Alicia a new kind of vision, a new kind of passion, one driven by the love for other people, one of empathy and the desire to be their advocate when they become a patient. For more than 20 years, Alicia has been passionately making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of patient’s around the globe. Drawing from her experiences as a patient in hospitals, clinics, and cancer centers Alicia has coupled her extensive background in engineering and technology and developed a reputation as a patient advocate that can bring innovative solutions to complex problems. Alicia’s personal drive and singular focus has created a track record of successful initiatives which have caught the attention of industry leaders, politicians, and organizations who have sought out her input to help drive change in healthcare and clinical research. Beyond her role in driving patient centered technological innovation, Alicia is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the healthcare and research communities. A few of her key accomplishments include: • Appointed by Vice President Joe Biden to be a Patient Advocate on the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel • Co-Founder of the Breast Cancer Social Media (#BCSM) Community, a global alliance of more than 20,000 patients dedicated to empowering those affected by breast cancer through programs that provide evidence-based information in a supportive and compassionate manner


Boston, MA


Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Twitter

She is a 25 year survivor.  — Barb

Alicia pioneered patient collaboration on Twitter with cancer type hashtags, beginning with #bcsm. She has cultivated a loyal follower base of 15K people, across patients, care providers, and industry. She continues to lead weekly Twitter chats on important themes, and includes thought leaders to directly share their insights.  — Martin

Over the years I've known Alicia virtually, she never ceases to amaze me with her combination of leadership, creativity, tenacity, kindness and smarts. In person, she exudes warmth and inclusivity. I have both learned so much, and greatly benefited from knowing her, and have witnesses her tireless support of others. Most def: Achiever: Lifetime!  — kathy

Alicia C. Staley

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