Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, Inc.

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Mildred Velez is the founder and president of the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, Inc. (FCSA). The mission of the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) is to provide education, care and supportive services to individuals living with fibromyalgia, their families and the community at large. FCSA will also work to educate medical providers on the appropriate diagnostic, care and treatment of those living with this condition. Mildred has worked in the social services industry since 1997. Mildred currently leads the operations of a nationally recognized homeless youth shelter, which offers the most comprehensive mental and medical health services available to this population. Mildred is committed to equality in care and treatment of others. Mildred was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2007 and founded the FCSA in response to the lack of adequate education, treatment and support for those living with Fibromyalgia. In 2014, Mildred created the first crowdfunding awareness walk for Fibromyalgia-Caterpillar Walk and in 2018 the first Cocktail Party Fundraiser for Fibromyalgia-Mariposa. Mildred is the proud mother of Ashley, Francisco and Justin. Francisco is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who also lives with fibromyalgia.


Newark, NJ


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Rookie of The Year Best Team Performance

The FCSA's Board of Trustees are individuals who are emblematic of the community. Each represent the community served as either being a professional clinician directly working with fibromyalgia, an individual or a family member of someone living with fibro. As such, each trustee offers a unique perspective and is instrumental in the care work.  — Dionisio

The Fibromyalgia Care Society of America is quite possibly one of the most proactive, involved, and loving support systems that I know of and, am proud to say, have worked with. I am the National Juvenile Fibromyalgia Spokesperson and seeing such a wonderful corp. run by fellow warriors FOR fellow warriors is heartwarming and inspiring.  — Emma

The Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) is a great resource of information and support for those battling Fibromyalgia  — KRISTAL

I nominate Ms. Milly Velez for Patient Leader Hero for her work with the Fibromyalgia community. Fibro is a very misunderstood disease with little research and support. Having support from those within the community who want to help and empower their fellow fibro-warriors makes a big difference. Her non-profit aims to promote awareness.  — Skylar

Milly has created a great space on her website and Facebook for Fibromyalgia to connect, gain support and information about fibromyalgia. It is through her Facebook Page, Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, Inc, and website that people with fibromylagia can connect and find valuable resources to help them manage their chronic illness  — Kristal

Milly at Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) works diligently to bring Fibromyalgia advocates together to continue her Fibromyalgia Awareness Walk (Catepillar Walk) & support the FCSA Center of Excellence which is the first COE for Fibromyalgia. Milly works in collaboration with many Fibro Leaders to promote FM support & Awareness in the US  — Kristal

Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, Inc.

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