Abby | Can I get a refund for my GI tract? It's defective.

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I'm 19 & was undiagnosed since age 11. This past year at 18, I finally got my GI diagnoses. I have Gastroparesis, Colonic Inertia, Chronic Migraines, PTSD, and more. I love telling my story, sharing my journey on my Facebook and Instagram (abigailformas), and raising awareness in hopes to get more research done to get better treatments and cures!! On my down time, I make free Gatroparesis Awareness bracelets for other warriors & their supporters, i love to help others who are newly diagnosed, and I make journals for the behavioral health section of my ER for adolescents who will be getting admitted to nearby psych hospitals. I hope one day to get more research dollars for GP/CI!

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Abby | Can I get a refund for my GI tract? It's defective.

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