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I am an advocate,blogger,author, founder of fb group Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Support Int'l and I use my diagnosis to educate, motivate,and to encourage. I have osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis and osteonecrosis and a couple other things as well Osteonecrosis scared me as I was diagnosed with something I never heard of. I made a commitment then I would raise awareness so anyone diagnosed would never feel that alone or afraid. Osteonecrosis is a disease caused by reduced blood flow to bones or joints. With too little blood, the bone starts to die & breakdown. Its debilitating, the pain is like no other You can find me all over social media Thank you for your support


Poland , OH

She is loved and respected by thousands. She brought a rare disease like Osteonecrosis into the spot light. Helping thousands suffering who lost hope. She made a ribbon that's used by thousands whs disease is so rare we didn't have one. She does so much not enough room here but she blogs, campaigns,YouTube and more she spoke to media etc  — Dee

I have been a member of her group and now reading her blog and all she does to raise awareness for avascular necrosis aka osteonecrosis. She has really been a force that has kept up to date on the various treatments ,she created awareness ribbon for the disease. She is doing great things through her awareness  — Valerie

Deb blogs, advocates, admins a FB group and continues to educate about bone disease in our community.She is also active on Twitter and FB. Instagram As well as sharing her own story she is passionate about raising awareness for Avascular Necrosis and bone diseases. She has brought many things to the community and now an author of an avn book.  — Janice

I came across her via her blog. As I to have avn. I noticed it also isn't in your list to choose from . It's rare but the community is growing. Deb educates , posts clinical trials, links to various sites . She's committed.  — Janice

Debbie @

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