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First diagnosed in 2007 with Psoriasis, but it was the 2nd opinion I received in 09 that floored me. I then found the National Psoriasis Foundation and a mentor. That mentor meant the world to me and a year later I started volunteering to give back what I had received. I was then diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2011-2012. I diagnosed myself and then sought a Rheumatologist who disagreed... I found another.


Goshen, NY


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Jim Snedden is a mentor with the National Psoriasis Foundation. He really has a sense of humor when it come to his disease. Despite all the drama associated with psoriasis and psa, he manages to find humor with the serious situation. I really appreciate Jim and all he does for the psoriasis community.  — Todd

Jim is a member of the National Psoriasis Foundation, a community ambassador, blogger and frequently attends events that raise awareness. Jim is passionate about advocating and he does as much as possible to help those who struggle with psoriasis.  — Kris

Not only is Jim a beacon of hope for psoriasis and assiciated conditions, he is an advocate for so many living with #chronicillness conditions.. His undying commitment and support have been an inspiration to me and have educated me on how to be more compassionate. His comradery and empathy should be shared by all facing health related adversities  — Ashley


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